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LightStim Elipsa


Two Treatments, One Device 

Elipsa has an easy to use programmable timer that allows for dual treatments and maximum productivity in the treatment room. Reduce wrinkles on the entire face and treat acne and its inflammation with one device.

Contoured For The Face 

Elipsa was designed to allow ultra-close proximity to the skin for the most effective and result driven treatment. Because durability is just as important as results, Elipsa was thoughtfully designed with a protective hard shell that allows for fast and thorough care and cleaning between clients.

Adjustable Legs 

Featuring dual folding legs with a smooth articulating hinge, Elipsa is height-adjustable to fit faces of all sizes. This ensures both efficiency and customizable comfort for the best possible client experience.

868 Professional Grade LED

Designed and engineered with more than double the number of LEDs in most comparable devices, Elipsa utilizes LightStim MultiWave Patented Technology and medical-grade LEDs to deliver a soothing and relaxing experience that helps promote meaningful benefits.

Clinically Proven Technology

Validated in clinical trials and by professionals for superior performance and results for over 20 years.

Soothing Client Experience

More than a clinical treatment, LightStim delivers the peaceful and restorative experience clients increasingly seek.

Enhance Treatment Results

As a stand-alone or combination treatment, LightStim promotes quantifiable improvements in results.

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LightStim Elipsa
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